Brunch in Tagaytay

Sweater weather? Check. 

Full tank? Don’t ask. 😭

Brunch date? Sure! 

Tagaytay? Of course! 

It was 7:30 am on a Sunday and I thought, “ah, it’s too late to go to Tagaytay.” That’s only for me because I wanted to have breakfast somewhere and the plan was to be really early to avoid possible heavy traffic and so we can go home early, too, which should (and I hope) also spare us from congested roads. 

But then my husband said, “Let’s go kasi wala pa masyado traffic n’yan.” So we went and good thing because no traffic at all. And we were able to go to a place that we said we’d go to before but couldn’t because it was either full (we have to wait) or our feet simply did not lead us there πŸ˜‚. You see, when we’re in Tagaytay, we don’t necessarily know where we’re going to eat or what we want to eat. More often than not, we think about our ‘to-try-next’ list of restaurants in Tagaytay and see if there’s a place we’d be interested in.

If we have other things to do in Tagaytay and no time to look for new restaurants to try out, we do have an existing list where we’re sure we’d get amazingly cooked food. I'll blog about that next time 😁

Today though, we chose from our ‘to-try-next’ list. 

We went to Cecilia’s All Day Breakfast and Restaurant to have brunch. The place has calm vibes and nice staff. Overlooking Taal, this resto is a gem. 

It was a very nice morning - not so windy but cold. Love it. πŸ’“

We ordered their famous Big Breakfast and Tapang Taal (Pork Tapa). Plus, of course, coffee! ☕

Their Big Breakfast was satisfying. I loved the English sausages - they were juicy and tasty. The bacon strips were crispy - love it! The eggs were cooked well but still runny, which is what I really really like. The ham and potato rosti were okay. The pancakes were good, too, but they have a different texture than a usual pancake. 

The Tapang Taal was delicious. The tapa was cooked well and flavorful. 

Overall, we enjoyed our experience there at Cecilia's All Day Breakfast and Restaurant. It was a peaceful and satisfying brunch on a chilly Sunday. Just perfect, really. 

So, how about you? How was your Sunday?

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