Pasta and a lot of love

Achievement = celebration! While we celebrate life every day (as we should), as a family, we also like to celebrate achievements. Last week, my husband got his Bachelor's degree. YAY! 🎉🎈🎊 We are soooo very proud of him. And so, we went to Mama Lou's to celebrate. 

Mama Lou's is our go-to Italian restaurant. We know what we want to order there right away. We still look at the menu though because we would like to see if we want to try their other dishes (on top of what we know we're going to order). More food, more love. 😍

We ordered the following: 

Oriental Salad

Spinach & Goat's Cheese Pizza

Lucio's Truffle Pasta

Vesuvio (Pasta)

French Fries

As always, they were all delicious. Very enjoyable. My favorite pair is the Spinach and Goat's Cheese pasta and Lucio's Truffle pasta (photos above). The creaminess of the pasta goes well with the spinach and the goat's cheese that's present on the pizza. This pair is actually my go-to comfort food 😁. 

The Vesuvio was perfect. Are you seeing the overflowing sauce? 👀 Legit goodness. 

The Oriental Salad is one of our favorites. Very enjoyable. The fries was also great.

📍 Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen - Evia Lifestyle Center branch 

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