Coffee and spontaneity

My son just completed sixth grade with high honors 🥇 and tons of awards (proud mom here). So proud of his achievements, really. He really did work hard in between playing Roblox and Genshin Impact. LOL. Kidding aside, I am very proud of him. I know his capabilities and I know how he tries his best. 

And so, I planned a mini vacation to celebrate him and to also relax, and just be with each other. :) 

What I didn't plan was the itinerary. Yes, I took care of the bookings, etc, but the itinerary, I didn't, as we'd like to be spontaneous. Just a bit haha. 

We stayed in Tagaytay but we drove to Batangas for lunch. We found a beach resort that has this nice restaurant with a pool beside it. My son wanted to swim and so we had to buy a swimwear for him since we were not ready for this type of activity. I took a photo of what we had there - 

And then after that adventure, we wanted to go back to Tagaytay already. Our goal then is to look for a coffee house maybe near Twin Lakes. But then my husband saw this interesting café and so we decided to check it out. And just WOW. It was one of the best decisions that day. :) This café was not in my radar so I didn't know what to expect. And so for us, this was a totally great find! 

We found L'equestria Cafe, a French-inspired cafe bistro located in Alfonso. I kid you not, their place is both cozy and fancy. I super duper love the place. Took soooo many photos, haha. Love love love love love! Salute to the owner as she's done a really great job with the whole place. 

To be honest, there are too many good things to try from their menu but since we're still kind of full from the meal above, we decided to have the following: 

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👉 Cappuccino
👉 Vanilla Latte
👉 Watermelon Lychee Smoothie
👉 Cookies
👉 Cupcake 
👉 Lemon Meringue Tart

My vanilla latte was soooo good. Hubby said that his cappuccino was the like the cappuccino he tried when we were in Paris. The two cookies were also really yummy - they were not the chewy ones but that's really okay. The vanilla cupcake with chocolate inside it was amazing. It was moist and light. The frosting is also my fave.

Our ultimate fave is their Lemon Meringue Tart. OMG the sour and the sweetness of the meringue are just right... they met in the middle and it was just a magical treat for our taste buds. Truly wonderful. 

The staff was great. Friendly, attentive, and very polite. We felt so happy about that. 

We will definitely go back as we want to try out the rest of their menu! We are so excited to have found this café and restaurant. 

What are your go-to cafes in Alfonso / Tagaytay / Batangas? Share them below 

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