A wonderful feeling: Linguini + Pot Pie

A few weeks ago, I attended an inspiring event somewhere and after that, I was a bit exhausted already and did not want to cook anymore LOL sooooo we decided to eat out before going home. 🍽 We? Yes, me and hubby. He was not at the said event but wanted to come and get me after. 

Nothing planned, really. But we thought of Katherine's Cafe at Ayala Malls Manila Bay. We've always wanted to try their food but they were always packed (when we do visit, which was always a Saturday or Sunday). And during the pandemic, I believe they have limited seating / dine-in spots as mandated by the government. Sooooo. That day, we were very lucky! Hah! 😁 Finally! 

Wait, so, before we talk about the food that we ate there, let me answer this question first: How did I become aware that Katherine's Cafe exists? Drum roll, please? 🥁🥁🥁

.... via TikTok. There was a time during the pandemic when my FYP's feed included posts about them. And I loved how the resto looked, the interior, exterior, and how people enjoyed the food. 

I did not look at the menu beforehand. I do that sometimes, looking at the menu of a new restaurant before going there but even if I did, I still end up looking at the actual menu and still think of what to order when we're seated. I feel that looking at the actual menu is an experience that I don't like to forego 😂. Does that make sense? hahaha 

So, here's their paper placemat - I wanted to show you because the message is really sweet 💜

Very inspiring.. and made us hungry even more! And our choices: 

Mushroom and Truffle Pasta
Mushroom and Truffle Pasta (Linguini)

Steak and Cheese Pot Pie
Steak and Cheese Pot Pie

Steak and Cheese Pot Pie

Chicken Paillard
Chicken Paillard

Iced Tea

First of all, the dishes were all cooked perfectly. 

The Mushroom and Truffle pasta was superb. After the first mouthful 😅, I told my hubby right away, "This is my new favorite truffle pasta, like hands down". 

The Steak and Cheese pot pie was amazing. It's savory and cheesy at the same time. It's totally comforting. 

The Chicken Paillard was also really good. The chicken was cooked well and I loved the brown rice, too. 

All in all - this visit was wonderful. Wonderful feeling? Totally. 😋😍

📍 Katherine's Cafe - Ayala Malls Manila Bay

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